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Washing machine cold valve

Part: 3224153

Out of stock

£12.99incl. VAT

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Valves Washer Dryer,Gaskets & Seals Washer Dryer,Hinges Washer Dryer,Motors & Fans Washer Dryer,Heaters & Elements Washer Dryer,Doors Washer Dryer,Detergent Drawers Washer Dryer,Panels Washer Dryer,Plinths, Kick Strips & Bases Washer Dryer,Covers & Lids Washer Dryer,Pumps Washer Dryer,Filters Washer Dryer,Feet, Legs & Screws Tumble Dryer,Other Tumble Dryer,Filters Tumble Dryer,Control Knobs Tumble Dryer,Electrics Tumble Dryer,Heaters & Elements Tumble Dryer,Thermometers Tumble Dryer,Belts Tumble Dryer,Handles Tumble Dryer,Mechanics Tumble Dryer,Hinges Tumble Dryer,Gaskets & Seals Tumble Dryer,Doors Tumble Dryer,Panels Tumble Dryer,Motors & Fans Tumble Dryer,Plinths, Kick Strips & Bases Tumble Dryer,Pipes Tumble Dryer,Drums Tumble Dryer,Modules & Control Boards Tumble Dryer,Feet, Legs & Screws Tumble Dryer,Pump Cooker,Control Knobs Cooker,Doors Cooker,Other Cooker,Cooking Cooker,Electrics Cooker,Gas Pipes Cooker,Gaskets & Seals Cooker,Plinths, Kick Strips & Bases Cooker,Hinges 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